Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meanwhile in Nagoya....

Everyone in the Nagoya area is currently experiencing the effects of the Typhoon that hit Okinawa. One moment is it sunny and the next it is pouring down rain. My class and I had Taiku (P.E.) in the outdoor area this morning. It was interesting to look up and see blue sky and then have it start raining a few minutes later. Thankfully, the heavy rain held off until this evening. Unfortunately, it started not long before my commute home.

My class and I are currently preparing for our school festival. After class, we change from our uniform to our school T-shirt and our P.E. pants and then begin painting, cutting, and taping until school closes. My classmates have chosen the theme "Gamble" for our room. I've noticed them making educational signs about addiction and a mural that shows where casinos are legal throughout the world. I've helped make the walls, the floor, and some other projects that don't require too much explanation (since I often don't understand what is being said). I'm afraid I don't understand what all they have planned. I just kinda go with the flow and wait for instructions that are simple enough for me to understand, or directions that are translated or mimed.

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