Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School and Friends

Today was my first day of school. It was sooo much fun. I meet all of my classmates. Everyone of the girls I met, tried their best to include me in all of our classes and activities. I have so many friends here!

Today had a special schedule because it is the only the second day of the second term. Tomorrow, we are supposed have a normal schedule although I don`t really know what that means.  

In Gym class (Taiiku), we decided what events each of us will be competing in for the Sport`s day that we will have in three weeks. I signed up for four events. I know one of them is called "Taifu no Me" or "Typhoon`s Eye", but I don`t remember what it is. Actually, I don`t remember or know what I signed up despite a having a friend of mine translating for me. She was just as confused as I was and she speaks Japanese!

I sat through a Japanese class, but studied my own Japanese lesson at my desk. I was completely lost during Health class, but the girl sitting next to me pushed our desks together so I could try to follow along in the textbook.

English class was intresting enough. Most of it was in Japanese, but I tried taking the English exam that the students took yesterday. It was easy enough, except for a question concerning the usage of "Whoever" and "Whomever". There were multiple sections that I could not complete because the directions were in Japanese.... 

We had two homeroom periods today. We spent them working on decorations for our school festival. Each class room puts together an elaborate theme to show off our class to our parents and teachers. It`s great fun. My class has choosen the theme "Gambling". They were trying there best to explain it to me, but couldnt come up with the English words. I got the general idea and meerly said, "Ahhh Pachinko!". Everyone around me was estatic that I knew what Pachinko was. (Pachinko is a gambling game that has something to do with ball, tokens, and prizes. When I find out more I`ll write about it. It sounds like an interesting game.)

My classmates put me to work painting walls and cutting cardboard for the floor. Afterwards, I happily took the subway to Fujigaoka with a new friend and then boarded bus (the right one, surprisingly enough!) home with my hands stained yellow, paint splattered up my legs, and a smile plastered to my face.

I went for a run by the river to practise for the Sport`s day, ate a Thai dinner with my host parents, and then figured out my schedule for this weekend . The rest of the week will be quite exciting. I have two speeches, school, a Hana Bi masturi (fireworks festival), and it looks like I may be going to a concert as well. :)

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